20 January 2015

Winter Swimming Festival China 2015

After their return from the Winter Swimming Festival in Argentina in august 2014, a group of winter swimmers from the Gdansk Extreme Swimmers Club ?Lech Mors? with their chairman, World Champion Lech Bednarek, was invited to the Winter Swimming Festival in China, which was held from 7th to 14th January 2015. This Festival took place in the city of Jinan, in the Shandong Province, on the Daming Lake.

The competitors were swimming in the icy water at the temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, on the distance of 300m. The competitor of our club, a triple world champion Mr Lech Bednarek was honored with a symbolic money award and a diploma, for swimming 300m in his age class. Many competitors from 13 European clubs, also from America and China, were participating in this competition.

From the 23th to 25th January, the winter swimmers from Gdansk Extreme Swimmers Club ?Lech-Mors? are flying towards London, to participate in the international competition of winter swimmers, trying to improve their best results. They will compete on the distances of 30m, 60m, and relay 4x30m.

The next winter competition will be held in February in Estonia. The swimmers of Gdansk Extreme Swimmers Club ?Lech-Mors? are also going to start there.