31 July 2020

Hummer Club Poland & Polish Foundation Winter Swimmers “Lech-Mors”

On July 30 this year The Polish Foundation of Winter Swimmers joined HUMMER Club Poland, whose president is Łukasz Kaczmarek.

Establishing close cooperation, the President of Hummer Club Poland expressed his willingness to join the Foundation along with participation from the new 2020/21 sea season in the Sunday winterswimming training. The Foundation’s accession to the HUMMER Poland Club was dictated by the great love of Lech Bednarek from the Polish Foundation Winter Swimmers (owner of the Hummer H2 car) for cars of this class.

During the meeting with President Łukasz Kaczmarek, on 30-31.07 and 01.08.2020, we were invited to Mikoszewo for the rally of American vehicle owners:
I AMCARs RIVER BANK MIKOSZEWO in a picturesque place on the Vistula River, near the mouth to the sea.
More about the event: